Andor Records

Welcome To Andor Records

A new type of record label looking to put the artists first in all of its pursuits.

Andor Records

Andor Records will help put you in the music scene by ensuring
you get on the important streaming platforms and are able to monetize
your music and product whenever possible to increase your personal brand

Andor Records is a label focused on developing its signed bands and artists on all possible digital and analog platforms that one could possibly want. From Spotify and Apple Music to Bandcamp, Andor Records will ensure that you get the recognition you deserve on the platforms that are popular


Andor Records will get you on Google Play Music, Spotify, Bandcamp and others to make sure you have the best distribution possible to


If you are intrested in signing with Andor Records or have some questions please shoot me an email at and I will be sure to get back to you!