About our Site

Andor Records is based in Boise ID and hopes to reach local artists who are looking for a personalized record company that will help them reach their fans on the platforms they use. We will be sure to work with you every step of the way. By keeping the focus on local it makes sure each artist gets what they need from the label they choose, if it is releasing singles every week or so, or an album a year. Andor Records will be there every step of the way helping you get the recognition you deserve as an aspiring artist.

Why Andor Records

While small the locality and the personalized assistance you will get from Andor Records will allow you to get the best experience that you can get. We can have face to face meetings or phones calls about what you need and you will always be able to contact us.

We do not use a one-measure fits all approach to working with our labels as we know each group has its own vibe and aesthetic so we work with the individuals to figure out what that is and how to reach the people that will appreciate it most. By doing this you maximize your fan base and fan devotion while keeping true to you.

We are working on developing our social media presence to make sure that people know when you release a new album or single and you can share the process and develop a following of fans.