Analog Dither

Analog Dithers first signed with Andor Records in 2018 and now has over 750k streams on Spotify alone! Their first release ‘Pole Position’ is an absolute banger and is their most popular song released to date.

Those who like eclectic music, and instrumentals with just a little bit of strange overtones will like the music of Analog Dither. They can be found on all big streaming platforms and many smaller ones as well as Bandcamp at

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Sound Dome

Sound Dome is Andor Records second signee with the single ‘Soap Circles’ out January 2020. The music is fresh and also instrumentals. While brand new hopefully Sound Dome will become the next big hit!

We are working on developing our social media presence to make sure that people know when you release a new album or single and you can share the process and develop a following of fans.

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